Written by: Slobodan Vasković 1.

“All those who used encrypted phones and the ‘Sky’ application, I suggest that they come themselves and turn themselves in, tell what they did, because sooner or later the police will come to them,” said Dragan Lukač, Minister of the Interior of the RS. at the press conference in Banja Luka, 02.02. this year. It was a very serious announcement by Lukacs that the MUP of the RS will arrest drug dealers and their associates, regardless of whether they are in politics, the judiciary, the police, the underground…

Lukac suddenly fell silent after less than two months, at the end of March this year. All that remains is a statement that everyone in the region is now making fun of, and Lukač is trying to save himself from being completely pushed into the “black country” and total public humiliation by not allowing the dismissal of Miloš Brkić, the head of the PU Banjaluka, at any cost. 3.

Popularly speaking – “He fell on Brkić” or “Brkić is the only one left of such a wicked Lukač”! 4. Lukacs was “abolished” by Dodik, who is nowhere near as powerful as he used to be; I would even say that he is almost completely powerless, and he only has some strength left to kill a few people in the closest environment, within the Sect.

Everything beyond that is screaming to cover up the loss of power that still exists only in the dreams of the Sectarians. 5. The question remains, why did Lukacs leave everyone speechless and disappear?! Osman Mehmedagić Osmica, who provided Dodik with the intercepted conversations in which Lukač was implicated, is “deserving” of one part. I wrote about it in the texts “Osmica issued an official OBA BiH identification card to drug lord Bojan Cvijetić at the request of Dragan Mektic; Čaruga also “worked” for Osmica; Osmica helped Dodik to bring Lukacs back under control” and “The end of Dragan Lukacs: Dodik broke Lukacs with the help of Osmica”!

Let me remind you, at the beginning of Lukac’s career as a minister, he “flew” into the “measures” of the OSA BiH, which included Željko Đekić, a drug dealer and executor of looting works against the property of the Republic of Srpska. Lukač demanded compensation from Đekić for certain jobs that the criminal did.

Everything was recorded with high quality, and Osmica kept the footage for himself. That’s how Lukacs was saved. Mehmedagić did this at the request of his drug friends Bojan Cvijetić and Dragan Mektic, who at the time led the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also the dangerous NarcoGrupa whose main informant was Osmica.

 That is why he is high on the payroll of Cvijetić, to whom he even gave an official identification card of OSA BiH. After the opening of the SKAJ and ANOM applications, Lukač publicly showed his will to arrest the criminals who used them, among them Kavački Narco “General” Kostrešević.