Analysis of Europe. Geopolitical strategist Stefan Milivojević Veraja.

The modern world has its roots in Western Europe. The climate blessed this part of the world.. that is what caused Europe to rise in those areas over the centuries because there was work all year round.

Throughout history, large and wealthy landowners knew how to trade with grain and wheat, and the production of iron and its alloys also took place continuously. In this way, the areas of Western Europe developed faster than other parts of Europe.

The rivers of Western Europe are navigable and mostly in the plains and are one of the main routes for trade in the countries located in that area.

Western Europe is very specific, since in that area there are several countries that are the pillars of the development of the EU… also dozens of nations and religions.

The second largest river in Europe is the Danube, which connects Western Europe with the Eastern and Western Balkans with its waterway. The western parts of Europe are significantly richer than the southern and northern parts, due to the fact that centuries ago the western part industrialized faster and much earlier, and the population matured faster by learning the new technologies of that time.

For centuries, two schools of Christianity developed throughout Europe, namely the Catholic Order, and when Martin Luther succeeded in splitting the Roman Catholic Church in 1517 in Vintberg, a great defeat and several important battles followed through the period of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the new century.

The only European power with its territory adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, France is the most fertile Western European country and also the country with the most nuclear power plants, over 100.

EU GDP of the most developed countries in 2020 

 Germany 3.7 T

England 2.6 T

France 2.5 T

Italy 2.1 T


Spain  1.2 T

Turkey 649 billion

Switzerland 707

billion Poland 505

billion Austria 432

billion Greece 194

billion Croatia 56

billion These are the data for the year 2020, and now we should expect 10% to 35% in some countries less than it was in 2020, and in some we can expect a positive 1-5% plus. France is the only nuclear power in Europe after Britain’s exit. France also has its own colonies, such as French Guiana, the island of Reunion, Mayotte, the rest…France tested its nuclear weapons in 1960 in the Algerian part of the Sahara, since Algeria was one of the French colonies.

France is 9th in the world and 3rd in Europe by GDP. The French state owns over 90% of public railways and power companies and telecommunications… The French stock exchange founded by Louis 15th is known, and in 2000, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels were united and operate together. French agriculture accounts for 20% of the EU economy.

It is second in terms of energy production in the world. The strongest Western European country is GERMANY. Germany has 82 million inhabitants, after America it is the second most populous emigration country in the world.

After the GERMAN revolution in 1918-19, the Empire was replaced by the Weimar Republic, and in 1933 the Nazis came to power in Germany. The German economy is the fourth in the world and the first in the EU. 71% of GDP is service industry 28% industry 1% agriculture The unemployment rate is 4.7% The European Central Bank is located in Frankfurt.

The car industry is 4 in the world. Of the 500 most developed companies in the world, Germany has over 30. Germany is the 7th most visited country in the world with over 400 million overnight stays per year. Europe, in this economic war with Russia due to the war military operation in Ukraine, is losing more and more influence in the world and the region due to the growing inflation that is hitting the EU population hard.

The price of gas could reach up to 6,000 euros in the winter of 2023 for one million cubic meters of Russian gas. EU strategists who have made a series of disastrous decisions in recent months in order to prevent the penetration of Russia into the EU with its goods and energy products. The EU cannot meet its energy obligations from America because the new inflation is massacring some of the leading countries of the USA.

My personal opinion has not changed since the first day of the war, and it is based on factual matters from the field that indisputably show that Russia suffers drastically less losses than Ukraine due to the delivery of the most modern weapons coming from the West.

The expulsion of Russian diplomats and NATO countries in the Eastern and Western Balkans is only a sign of the weakness and small-mindedness of the Western powers that do not know what has befallen them. This winter of 2023, most of the EU countries will not survive without borrowing up to 150% of GDP, while Serbia completely controls the situation in the Balkans and will surely end this year with a growth of more than 4%, which is one of the precedents in Europe and we should be proud of it. We can like or dislike our President Vučić, but we must not see how Serbia has developed and risen like a Phoenix from the ashes in the last 10 years, while the SNS machinery is at its head. What worries the strategists in Brussels more and more is that the EU is more and more vulnerable to various types of fundamentalism and fanaticism… and they threaten it more and more with terrorism, and this is happening in real time, and the EU’s information security services are completely powerless and unable to cope. have been doing well in new situations for the past 6 months.

What is being talked about more and more in the diplomatic circles of the EU and its institutions is that more and more diplomats in very important positions in the EU countries fall ill with various cancers, and therefore suddenly change their decisions after a few weeks and then go on sick leave. What could happen in the next few months is the capture of the Bneluska countries by a powerful combined attack by Belarus with the support of Russian aviation. The German government has made a decision to invest more money in the Ministry of the Army, which in my personal opinion is a big and disastrous move that will contribute to the stagnation of Germany’s GDP, which needs investments in agriculture if it wants to get out of this economic crisis that no one will officially talk about. story.

In the next period, Serbia should start a couple of smart moves for the purpose of the stability of the Open Balkans, a project advocated by Aleksandar Vučić. The Vosjka of Serbia, if there is an incursion of Rosu units in the North of Kosovo, should act defensively, inflicting losses on the enemy. The army is capable and able to do so while the major powers in the EU are taken aback by the current situation on the Ukrainian front.

Stefan Milivojević writes geopolitical strategist.