Ivana Marković from Arandjelovac agreed to give a short statement for our portal, about the current and increasingly large dependence of young people on social networks with a focus on the exploitation of disinformation and how they perfidiously affect current global events in the world and region.

With the advent of modern telecommunications 

devices aj or mo der phones, various types of psychological and behavioral diseases have developed at an enormous speed in the behavior of users, especially young people under 30 years of age.

The entertainment provided by the Internet in the field of betting leaves lasting e consequences and trauma for users of the same, and due to frequent losses at online betting sites, young people fall into various severe and mild psychological conditions, some of which recover quickly without medication, while others need consultation with a psychologist and psychiatrist, while a minimum number take various measures and actions for the purpose of injury and even fatality.

In her letter to our portal, Ivana emphasized that she herself was a victim of the bookmaker, but she succeeded with professional help through positive thinking without looking back on the past. As she says, now I occasionally play a few games, but I don’t let it take over me and rule me. Addiction to social networks has long surpassed all addictive diseases in total, which makes this type of psychological addiction to social networks a modern disease of the 21st century, which is not dangerous and can be treated with appropriate medications, if the person who has the disease violates the law of the country in which he is located. Various explicit video clips that are violent and offensive in nature.

In this way, I would like to single out a very small number of users of social networks who turn this addiction into an advantage, by various marketing of products and various preparations that are useful and profitable, because the prices on the Internet are usually cheaper than the same goods and preparations found in the official stores of those products.

It is known that there is that famous Darknet that is not found on official search engines, where everything is illegal, where white slaves, weapons, drugs, child prostitution and even ordering murders are traded completely anonymously.

Spreading misinformation over the Internet has become a trend, because it is difficult to check and investigate for some minor acts and misdemeanors. Countries like Germany, France and Britain have introduced artificial intelligence software in recent years that can process much more information from social networks than analog systems that were used centuries ago.

Insults and calls to terrorism via social networks are strictly controlled and suppressed in all ways, even those elimination options if citizenship is threatened, and it is known that individual terrorists first publish a video threatening and calling to terrorism and then engage in various criminal offenses which mostly end in tragedies and deaths. Threats via the Internet are real threats and are liable for them as well as for all other criminal acts under the Criminal Code.

The distribution of an enormous amount of disinformation, primarily on social networks, increased at the beginning of this preventive military operation of Russia in Ukraine, where the world was divided into two fronts, and the people of those countries have no other option if they want to know something, than to watch the Rothschild and Rockefeller media, which write as they like. responds with less than half the accuracy of that information, the situation is also the same on the opposite side of the conflicting parties.

So the perspective in the future will be work with the media, which can influence the masses of the people and public opinion, and in that way start a revolutionary wave in a certain area or break it and calm it down.

Source: information service of the Atlas portal.